First Solar Inc. Consultant for site location and permitting; government regulatory issues; forty-five hundred acre solar farm.

Electra Cruises, Newport Beach., Marine Department permits for engineered Bulkhead repairs

Disneyland Resorts. NPDES permit renewal and regulatory issues and consulting

Paragon Partner LTD., Consultant to Company for Water and Energy Clients.

Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority: Consultant for Watershed Master Planning effort, Related to One Water One Watershed.

The City of San Juan Capistrano: Consultant in issues on the Arundo removal project, Environment Restoration of Oso Creek and San Juan Creek, Steelhead Fish Ladder Project, San Juan Creek-Arizona Crossing project. Services included working closely with governmental oversight and approval agencies.

Wildermuth Environmental, Inc., Consultant for the San Juan Basin Authority Groundwater and Facilities Management Plan, working closely with governmental agencies.

The Irvine Company: Consultant in issues related to land use, storm water compliance and regulatory requirements.

Poseidon Resources: consultant for ocean water desalination project and regulatory compliance.

The Home Depot: Provided early review of selected store sites including constraints and zoning restriction criteria; worked directly with architect in developing site criteria and siting information; assisted in development of entitlement conditions and implementation of development requirements; provided strategic guidelines for addressing problem areas related to circulation of site criteria; and worked with entitling jurisdiction to achieve compliance with development conditions.

Best Buy, Inc.: Assisted in locating potential store sites; provided planning and entitlement strategy for location permitting; developed positions to define conditions for approval; and assisted in responses to exaction requirements.

Pacific Life, Newport Beach, CA: Provided planning and entitlement assistance for an eighteen-story corporate headquarters office addition to Newport Center. Services included zoning documents, public relations outreach, and general plan amendment.

State of California, Attorney General’s Office: Provided strategic planning review services for the Optimum Basin Management Plan in adjudicated groundwater basin. Services included groundwater degradation, future facilities planning, and preparation of implementation document for court.

Metropolitan Water District of Southern California: Provide land use and planning assistance for the development of the Diamond Valley Reservoir Recreation Plan (the largest man-made recreation facility in Southern California). Services included implementation of master plan and the creation of open space elements.

BKK Corporation, Development Plan, West Covina, CA: Provided planning services for the development of landfill closure plan and entitlement services for a future golf course.

Chapman College Learning Center, Orange, CA: Prepared the Campus Master Plan and provided planning entitlement services for the learning center facility.

El Toro Re-use Study, Coastal Cities, CA: Provided consulting for planning services to the City of Newport Beach in developing alternative land use proposals in support of a regional airport and supporting facilities.

Lido Medical Center, Newport Beach, CA: Provided entitlement and planning services for redevelopment of the existing facility as well as a 220,000-square foot expansion for medical offices and a diagnostic center.

Long Range Development Plans for the University of California, Irvine and University of California, San Diego, CA: Prepared Master Plan for each campus. Performed a 10-year update for the UCI campus. Helped facilitate planning for building and campus development. Provided planning services for student housing and transportation services on campus.

Newport Center General Plan, Newport Beach, CA: Prepared a General Plan and continue to provide planning services and master planning of this major regional mall and associated medical, office, and entertainment facilities.

Newport Coast Master Plan, Irvine Company, CA: Prepared the Master Plan of Newport coastal resources, which includes a golf course, residential areas, neighborhood commercial centers, and hotels.

Orange County Performing Arts Center, Costa Mesa, CA: Provided entitlement services and served as a committee member for entitling and building the Arts Center.

Santa Anita Fashion Park, Arcadia, CA: Provided planning services

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for expansion including a Nordstrom store, entertainment center, and 32 supporting retail stores.

The Irvine Company, East Tustin Specific Plan, Tustin, CA: Planning and entitlement services for a 2,000-acre master plan for this mixed-use project, which includes a golf course, residential areas, and commercial centers.

Xerox Center, Santa Ana, CA: Provided entitlement and planning services for a 1,700,000-square foot office complex